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Photo in situ (not preserved, labelled "Station 7, Characid sp.
New characid fish, Hyphessokycon scutulatus, from the rio Teles Pires drainage, upper rio Tapajos system (Ostariophysi: Characiformes: Characidae).
A New Characid Fish (Ostyariophysi: Characiformes) from the Upper Rio Tapajos Basin, Central Brasil.
Relatively few researchers have previously explored the potential of anal-fin hook arrangements as a source of information on the systematics of any given characid group (for exceptions see Weitzman & Fink 1985: 30-31 for Glandulocaudinae; Malabarba 1998: 211-212, and Malabarba & Weitman 2000: 277, 279 for Cheirodontinae).
All characid specimens examined in the present study, which have anal-fin hooks (belonging to the genera Hemigrammus, Parapristella, Petitella, and Hyphessobrycon) possess a variably developed dense, gelatinous whitish tissue on their fin membranes, bordering or in some cases surrounding the hooks.
New characid fish, Hemigrammus skolioplatus (Characiformes: Characidae) from upper Rio Tapajos drainage, Central Brazil.