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Synonyms for char


Synonyms for char

to undergo or cause to undergo damage by or as if by fire

damage or a damaged substance that results from burning

Synonyms for char

a human female employed to do housework

any of several small trout-like fish of the genus Salvelinus

burn to charcoal


Related Words

burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color

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Neste trabalho utilizaram-se amostras de carvoes (CA e CB), de char (ChAB), de coque (CQ) e uma amostra de po de balao (PB) recolhido de um AF a coque com PCI.
For the samples in the present work, the higher treatment temperatures resulted in lower yields of char and tar and higher yields of gaseous products.
Lima has created powders, granules, and pellets of the char to suit different filtering tasks.
As with most of their diet, the Inuit value char in its raw form, either fresh, frozen, or dried.
This reaction promotes the formation of carbonaceous char, not volatile gases.
According to details, ANF Rawalpindi Road Check Team on a tip-off conducted an operation near Burhan Interchange, GT Road, Attock and recovered 10 Kg Chars from personal possession of 2 accused including Hashmat and his lady accomplice Afsar Begum, both residents of Peshawar.
The char morphologies of pure PP, PPMAO, and PPMA2 after the UL-94 tests are shown in Fig.
While this is happening, about 10,000 juvenile Arctic char are to be released in Kielder Water to establish stocks there.
She explained that although most Domino(R) Sugar has been processed through cow bone char, it is possible to tell from the sugar bag label whether it came from one of two of Domino's nine North American plants in which processing does not involve cow bone char.
Heifers 24m Char x to PS1,000; 22m Lim x to PS1,270; 22m Sal x to PS1,050; 22m Char x to PS1,095; 20m Sal x to PS1,025; 20m Lim x to PS1,300; 20m pure Lim to PS1,200; 20m Char x to PS1,100; 18m Char x to PS1,170; 12m Char x to PS840; 20m org Lim to PS970; 16m org Lim x to PS855.
Hemicellulose and cellulose have a tendency of thermal decomposition, whereas lignin is resistant to thermal decomposition and its pyrolysis results in a char layer.
Char syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), facial dysmorphism and abnormalities of the fifth finger of the hand (1).
Declining numbers of Arctic Char given boost HUNDREDS of rare fish were released into a lake which has in recent years been hit by sewage and toxic algae.
We're delighted to join such a well respected organization that lets us broaden and enhance the products, services and solutions we deliver to our customers," said Char Clark.