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Synonyms for chapter

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a subdivision of a written work

any distinct period in history or in a person's life

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a local branch of some fraternity or association

an ecclesiastical assembly of the monks in a monastery or even of the canons of a church

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a series of related events forming an episode

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References in classic literature ?
When Tar and Sighs were walking together to the Chapter House on Speech-Day a week later, Tar, who had a bitter tongue, remarked to his colleague:
I could not help thinking how very aptly that chapter your dear father read applied, in some of its particulars, to the woman you have chosen.
Unless you are already familiar with 'Sartor Resartus' read in it Book II, chapters 6-9, and also if by any means possible Book III, chapters 5 and 8.
Of the prose works best read 'Culture and Anarchy,' at least the introduction (not the Preface), chapters 1, 3, 4 and 5, and the Conclusion.
Now the chapters have been found, and he avails himself of the first opportunity to restore them to their place.
These recovered chapters will possess no doubt, but little value in the eyes of persons, otherwise very judicious, who have sought in "Notre-Dame-de-Paris" only the drama, the romance.
For such people especially, the chapters added to this edition will complete "Notre-Dame-de-Paris," if we admit that "Notre-Dame-de-Paris" was worth the trouble of completing.
In one of these chapters on the present decadence of architecture, and on the death (in his mind almost inevitable) of that king of arts, the author expresses and develops an opinion unfortunately well rooted in him, and well thought out.
Chapter 5, "Musicians Versus Environment," reviews the basic things musicians deal with in their practice and performing spaces including topics such as jet-lag.
Parker has served in many leadership positions at the chapter and national levels, including chapter president and executive committee member.
Chapter 2, on seismo-tectonics of the Americas, is only 11 pages and too general to be useful.
Cosponsored by the Detroit Chapter and the Association for Computers & Taxation (ACT), the 2005 Tax Technology Day attracted a near capacity crowd at the Michigan State University's Management Education Center in Troy.
Four core leaders joined forces and agreed to rotate the chapter presidency until the organization had a solid group of volunteers.
Chapter 9 in part II is titled as "Global rhetoric and individual realities: linking violence against women and reproductive health," and has been contributed by Mayhew and Watts.