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the upper part of a column that supports the entablature


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The illustration of the pillar in the Geneva Bible (1 Kings 7) depicts the chapiter as a sphere, covered by latticework, with what are apparently roses carved in the lattices.
The movement from the earth which is at the base of Jacob's ladder to the chapiter on top of the pillar can also be seen as a kind of visual pun, based on the eighteenth century variations on the design of these chapiters.
Following this interpretation of the theta symbol, the symbolic content of the iota (I) of the next verse is not difficult to ascertain: it is the pillar itself, upon which the chapiter rests.
As was the case when Smart substituted the globe of the chapiter for the real earth, here he substitutes the harp for the letter G of the Masonic blazing star so that he can direct his sequence to a slightly different place, in this case to the psalms of David.
One chapiter represents the earth, the other the heavens.