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a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors

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Chanty could not give any details on the ownership, fleet and route of the proposed new carrier until the documents are submitted.
There were some stunning changes of register from Varcoe in these ten songs, and his artistry was to the fore again to rescue the crude vocal writing of Percy Grainger's Sailor's Chanty (never compose an ending on such a sustained low note) and to spellbind us all with the innocent grief of Dibdin's ineffable Tom Bowling.
Landon Lopez, Chanty Lytsell, Michael Monroe, Jeremy Napier, Lacy Palmer, Sheila Queen, Cody Reed, Brandy Richards, Christina Roman, Richard Shaw, Tyler Shields, Sky Skach, Christina Trevino, Kristin Vance and Steven Walker Jr.
Closer to home, Siesta Village's Sea Chanty carries tiny guardian angels which play Amazing Grace ($9.
The other sections in the volume are "My Mother's Sea Chanty," "This Is My Father's Country," and "And God a Me," all of which reflect Goodison's unfailing lyricism and unique chord as her imagination explores the various dimensions of family, lore, and tradition in intrinsically Jamaican contexts with her sense of origins and gender always in a place known for its stalwarts, beginning with the Maroons down to modern-day heroes in both matriarchal and patriarchal dimensions.
Some of the images; made elderly Jews appear pitiful and decrepit, depicting an old, shabbily-dressed man sleeping on a sidewalk or two men, one with a cane and the other carrying a chanty box, accepting money from a prosperous visitor to the neighborhood [Figs.
Love Stacey, Tasha and Chanty Thompson xxx CARGILL - WARREN, March 16, 2009.
Gifted folk-song and chanty singers of exceptional temperament stand out as gloriously from their fellows of less attractive emotional fibre in this, as in any other branch of art and life; and it is to such peasant and sailor talents that collectors need to go for valuable versions of heart-stirring grip [.
Turns out it's ``Sailing,'' a clever little sea chanty that's big on wordplay.
The Stratford Road shop raises money for the chanty which provides free veterinary care for cash-strapped owners.
Them: 'Gimme Muncher and Cruncher and Chanty and Grunter.
He was married with a daughter, Chanty, now aged four, and had moved to Wolverhampton between 1995 and 1996.
But they're very fondly remembered for their rocky, poppy, football- chanty songs.
The kung fu warriors build up their strength with a square meal served in a giant tin chanty.