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Synonyms for chant

Synonyms for chant

to utter words or sounds in musical tones

Synonyms for chant

a repetitive song in which as many syllables as necessary are assigned to a single tone

recite with musical intonation

utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically

References in classic literature ?
Ten years earlier he had lifted the chant, sung to the air of the "Doxology," when afflicted with the fever to go gold-mining in Patagonia.
The first time he had lifted the chant of "Like Argus of the Ancient Times," had been in 1849, when, twenty-two years' of age, violently attacked by the Californian fever, he had sold two hundred and forty Michigan acres, forty of it cleared, for the price of four yoke of oxen, and a wagon, and had started across the Plains.
And now, his huge gaunt form more erect than it had been for years, with a glinting of blue fires in his small and close-set eyes, he was lifting his ancient chant again.
Such the beach old John Tarwater stepped upon; and straight across the beach and up the trail toward Chilcoot he headed, cackling his ancient chant, a very Grandfather Argus himself, with no outfit worry in the world, for he did not possess any outfit.
And, as he worked, ever he raised his chant with his age-falsetto voice.
5 million victims of the 1915 Armenian genocide planned and perpetrated by the Ottoman Turkish government, Forty Martyrs: Armenian Chants from Aleppo is an album of liturgical chants treasured and sung in Aleppo, a cosmopolitan Syrian city that served as a refuge for survivors of the massacre.
FOOTBALL hooligans from Chester who shattered a minute's silence with vile chants mocking a Wrexham supporter's tragic death have been banned from matches for a total of nearly 30 years.
FOOTBALL chants can showcase some of the most amusing, sharpest wit in town.
Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rasheed was welcomed with 'Go Nawaz Go' chants upon arrival in Lahore.
Johannesburg, May 22 ( ANI ): Italian football club AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has had to face racist chants at Italy's Soccer World Cup training base.
These chants are totally unacceptable and, in our opinion, caused alarm and distress to the Leeds fans within the ground.
I really see a certain kind of balance or calm in children who have experienced these sacred chants within the womb.
THERE are calls for the authorities to crack down on anti-Welsh chants at football matches.
CALLS were made last night for a crackdown on anti-Welsh chants at football matches.
An eight-member group that performs religious and national chants has captivated Sana'a this Ramadan, performing around the capital city for admiring audiences.