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a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors

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Tara's Toy Box sells children's items to corporate chanties.
Navy bands, established in the early 1800s, have a rich history from sea chanties on the decks of USS Constitution in 1825 to entertaining the crowds at present-day presidential inaugurations.
All those pirates - including Jack Sparrow, ladies - who have been milling around New Orleans Square singing sea chanties, posing for pictures and insulting tourists as only pirates can will now be permanently stationed on Tom Sawyer's Island.
Roy MacKenzie's works The Quest of the Ballad (1919) and Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia (1928), and early on he identified the prospects for collecting "sallors' chanties and other songs" in "Newfoundland, Cape Breton and Nova Scotia" (1919: 189).
Or let him into prison on day release to clean out the cons' lavs and chanties.
Inspired by the sailaway success of Johnny Depp's second Caribbean cruise, this set of traditional pirate ballads, sea songs and chanties is a delight, performed not by old folkies but contemporary artists ranging from Nick Cave and Joseph Arthur to Bryan Ferry and Antony of Johnsons fame.
Full repeal, it says, would decrease donations to chanties by 6 percent to 12 percent.
Directed, written by Dany Boon, based on his play "La Vie de chanties.
The chanties, however, do not represent a wholesale replacement of the collective system with institutionalised individualism.
His experiences at the site of Britain's chief naval base-which included long walks around the Portsmouth dockyard with a retired naval captain who taught him sea chanties and regaled him with tales of seafaring heroism(15)--instilled in him a keen sense of the island-nation's security concerns as well as a typically British admiration for all things naval.
As we sailed through our project, we listened to sea chanties, and read excerpts from books about "life at sea.
The accommodations were "new chanties both comfortable with plenty of fire wood and good accessories.