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reed pipe with finger holes on which the melody is played


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The Festival included a number of performances by individual chanters and troupes who have presence in the local and international events.
The chanter is made from African blackwood and the best cane for making reeds comes from Portugal.
Hardie pipes along with a starter package including a chanter and a learning manual.
Mohammed Khalaf, general supervisor of Sharjah Radio, said the Sharjah Chanter programme, this year, is the fourth edition of the famous and successful programme.
Abu Dhabi: Hamza Shakour, the Syrian religious chanter, opened the "blessings of Ramadan" programme in the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi on Thursday night with a spellbinding performance.
Chanter and Swallow, both affiliated with the Department of Building Surveying at De Montfort University, UK, guide building surveyors and facilities managers through key aspects of property maintenance.
The 44-year-old now runs the Ty'r Chanter bed-and-breakfast as part of her family's 6,000-acre Glanusk estate near Crickhowell, Powys, with her husband Charles Pettifer.
Seamus Ennis, born in north County Dublin, began playing the pipes at the age of thirteen, his only teacher being his musically accomplished father, James Ennis, who showed him the rudiments of fingering the chanter before letting him loose on O'Neill's tunes, and thereafter helped him only if a difficulty arose with a particular piece.
Samsung are giving away more great products as part of their Win When You're Singing promotion in a search for the ultimate footie chanter.
Georges Greek Orthodox Church and a former member and chanter at St.
From the KLIATT review of the book, March 2006: "Powerful chanter Caldwyn has lost her powers of chantment while working a spell too big for her, and discovers an enemy thought dead is still alive and dangerously active.
When all three sounds are strung together correctly, the prana, or life force energy coming out of the chanter, hits the mouth in all five positions of the Sanskrit pronunciation, from the back of the throat up to the lips.
99) tells of Calwynn, a talented chanter who has become a leader, then lost her magic.
AUTUMN CHANTER, a strong-running railer perfectly drawn in one, looks well worth supporting against Hanover Peer at the -0.
A single chanter depicts the voice of each puppet accompanied by three-stringed samisen players.