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The chansons de geste ("songs of heroic deeds") of Biblioteca Nazionale Manoscritto marciano fondo franceses XIII of Venice, Italy, is a frequently studied text in the scholarly literature concerned with early Italian and late Old French languages and literary traditions.
By the end of the twelfth century these chansons de geste had been committed to writing, potentially as propaganda for the Third Crusade, and it is from this period that the oldest surviving chanson about the First Crusade survives--the Chanson d'Antioche.
Evidence for knightly devotion to the warrior-saints can also be found in other chansons de geste closely related to crusading in the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries.
It was left to the authors and redactors of the chansons de geste at the end of the twelfth century to process this data into a form that was both entertaining and edifying to European knights, as well as reflective of their beliefs and values.
This third volume encompasses miscellaneous romances, oriental romances, and chansons de geste.
To be sure, a cursory glance at the prologues of a few of the better-known courtly romances and chansons de geste may indeed give an impression that the two words are used in similar contexts; and when the catch-all `lexical fluidity' is used to paper over the cracks, the mythical scholarly edifice proves surprisingly long-lived.
The expression, as we have seen, is not restricted to historiography: examples (always, however, in reference to sources) can also be found in chansons de geste.
In anticipation of the third and fourth sections, it is worth keeping in mind that many of the events related in the Pseudo-Turpin are linked with those of the chansons de geste of Charlemagne (the so-called `Matter of France').
Though Turpin's story, as an account of Charlemagne's legendary wars in Spain and Galicia, is thus largely reminiscent of the chansons de geste, it is also replete with moralizing passages, exempla, accounts of miracles, and descriptions of shrines and other holy places in Spain, Galicia and France (especially as they pertain to St James and Charlemagne), all of which suggest that the piece was very likely conceived to highlight the attractions of the great pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.
Owen chooses, instead, to explore how a woman like Eleanor might have responded to the chansons de geste and troubadour lyrics to which she would have been exposed in youth - how, for her, literature must have influenced life.
Max Grosse treats the notion of the livre 'book' and its synonyms and related terms in twelfth- and thirteenth-century texts, that is, at the time the French language was establishing itself in relation to the learned Latin tradition and the vernacular oral tradition of the chansons de geste.
By contrast, Sarah Kay treats the theme of motherhood, employing Freud's notion of 'family romance' to suggest that in the chansons de geste the mother enjoys a symbolic role, associated with the shaping of values, while the father is frequently associated with deficiency and violence.
Bearing this in mind, it is my purpose in this article to focus upon a text which has apparently not been cited with respect to the story of the Saracen princess and yet which enjoyed wide readership at the time the majority of the first chansons de geste were composed.
30) It is true that the chansons de geste are normally temporally located prior to the First Crusade and deal with events occurring in the West rather than the Holy Land.
To the extent that the author is cataloguing recurrent patterns of discourse, the grammaire narrative of the period, the reader cannot help but think of his earlier work on the formulaic diction of the chansons de geste.