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Old French epic poems

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Le Charroi de Nimes: chanson de geste du Cycle de Guillaume d'Orange.
Furrow at times also seems to approach romances as though they were modern, printed texts, edited in isolation from their manuscript contexts, yet these contexts (the "manuscript matrix") would perhaps shed more light on the issue of "neighbouring genres" (chapter 3), which unlike the theoretically and thematically constructed genres of fabliau and chanson de geste, actually accompany romance texts in medieval England.
While harking back to classical epic, chanson de geste, and medieval romance and looking forward to the modern novel, Murrin concentrates on heroic poetry of the sixteenth century, which he seeks to read in light of both the dramatic changes in the conduct of warfare during that epoch and the historical records that pertain to the conflicts such poetry aims to represent.
The copy-editor might also have some explaining to do about occasional slips: it is interesting to learn, for instance, that 'St Peter's librarian' was still alive in 893, and that the Latin Pseudo-Turpin Chronicle is apparently a chanson de geste.
A group of papers considers preludes to romance literature: the hagiographical matrices, and the attitudes to kingship, governing the early chanson de geste.
After the tribute by Pierre Jodogne, the field covered by the articles is wide, but appropriately includes a large number of important contributions on the chanson de geste and on lyric poetry, as the following list reveals: Carlos Alvar, `Textos cientificos traducidos al castellano durante la edad media'; Stefano Asperti, `Per "Gossalbo Roitz"'; Vicenc Beltran, `El Testamento de Alfonzo Enriquez'; Philip E.
Stephan Fuchs's Hybride Helden, based on a doctoral dissertation submitted to the University of Frankfurt am Main in 1995, is an analysis of the hero role in Wigalois and Willehalm (taken as relatively late representatives of the romance and chanson de geste genres respectively).
The assumption is made that the narrative of the chanson de geste is already known and the analysis is organized thematically, rather than following the narrative.
Scholars, of course, prefer `Ur-texts': in this case Thomas's Horn, that curiously Anglo-Norman hybrid of romance and chanson de geste set largely in Britain.
This mixture is reflected in the tone and style of the poem, in which traditional features of the chanson de geste are combined with newer elements typical of the fourteenth-century revival.