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management through specified channels of communication

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There are three predominant channelization architectures used in SDR designs.
It steepened the river and destabilized the rivet Channelization is a good way to make a river self-destruct.
The degree of channelization observed microscopically correlated with the rate of raw granule digestion with glucoamylase.
Some interference may be impractical to eliminate, so plan to have a higher density of APs, spend more time planning channelization and using special techniques.
Through damming, dredging and channelization, we have changed the way rivers flow--diverting water to generate hydropower, support navigation and irrigate crops.
These measures include the use of four quadrant gates, channelization devices or crossing closures at highway-rail grade crossings, or photo enforcement to deter violators.
Legislation has altered some approaches to channelization and these are discussed in chapter 3.
The configurable MAC core implements the SPAUI functions, such as CRC check and calculation, BCT (Burst Control Tag) to support channelization and burst interleaving traffic, Preamble and IPG (Inter-Packet Gap) compression with out-of-band, in-band with the LLFC (Link-Level Flow Control) bit, packet agnostic and standard IEEE flow-control schemes.
85 km in connection with Channelization of Tributaries of bara River Phase-II Sudanwala Konthria & mandi Khala in Tesil Paonta Sahib District Sirmoour
Under the channelization plan for Gujjar nullah, the 200 feet wide drain will have 24 feet wide road on both sides with the pavement.
The CR&DI, he added, was established in 1983 to substantiate the demand for research & development on cement and allied materials, product diversification, contemporary technology, standardization, industry expansion and active channelization.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Siverge Networks, a fabless semiconductor company focused on the packet evolution in carrier networks, today announced the industry's first single-chip carrier transport device that enables equipment manufacturers to develop converged linecards and systems capable of handling any port, service, channelization and functionality while supporting both TDM and packet-based networks.
Hancock argued the state would lose a vital habitat for winter ducks and other wildlife if the channelization project went forward.
Every other big river in Southern California has had extensive channelization.
The Anacostia has been called one of the nation's most polluted rivers, robbed of its basic functions by channelization, riparian and wetland loss, forest removal, sewer overflows, and other pollution.