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He used to miss the freedom allowed in childhood, of running around and jumping, and he felt the need to channelise his energy and creativity.
Before getting back to Bangalore, we have two days to recharge our batteries and channelise our energies.
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Ghanim Al Buainain urged youth to channelise their energies towards the nation-building process.
She informed the ADB delegation that the government is concerned about the slow disbursement and implementation of various projects and has directed to evolve a proper mechanism to expedite projects implementation, remove unnecessary procedures and channelise the funds disbursement according to the agreed timeline.
The proposition of the women bank will enhance credit and channelise savings for women not only in the vicinity, but also in smaller towns and cities.
We are very happy with the great attention paid by visitors to become acquainted with how best to develop their professional qualifications and channelise academic studies.
Specific objectives of the project included organising and empowering small farmers through establishment of self-managed village organisations (Vos), establishing revolving fund at village level for providing easy access to production loans and micro-credit and to channelise small farmers agriculture production system.
He urged that donor countries should make use of institutions to channelise their assistance directly to the government of Pakistan.
The government has now set up the Gujarat Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) Authority, the only one from a state government in the country, to create an exclusive agency to channelise contributions to finance projects like construction of toilets and tackling malnutrition, besides several other themes.
In this context, the Pakistan International Business and Investment Council has been established, which aims to unite overseas Pakistani businessmen globally as well as reach out to the Friends of Pakistan so that all efforts and energies can be institutionalised with a goal to channelise investment, as well as expand and promote the business and trade opportunities in Pakistan.
there is expectation now that with the decrease in inflation figures, RBI will not be compelled to raise rates in the near future, which is required at the moment to channelise growth," he said.
The fitness-freaks can go on a long run or hit the gym and channelise their anger towards constructive things.
Atta reiterated that it was important to channelise the potential of young generation and to optimise it through extensive funding of education and provision of best possible learning and research facilities to the students.
It really hurts my heart to see the condition of the country and more hurting is to see the condition of the youth who fail to understand that they could channelise their enthusiasm and energy into more productive things rather than taking Bahrain on a path of destruction.
The Prime Minister proposed the US administration to channelise the assistance under Kerry Lugar Bill through the trust funds for the uplift and reconstruction in the districts of Malakand Division and added that through Benazir Income Support Programme and reach out the poor segments of society in the country.