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management through specified channels of communication

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The sewerage treatment plant of Mauripur has a capacity of treating 96 million gallons of sewage but it never worked to its full capacity due to a lack of channelisation of sewage flow.
Analyses of his data indicated that uniform flow and transport occurred in the upper sandy horizons, whereas channelisation was common in the deeper clay horizons even starting at the transition layers.
India pioneered the involvement of the banking system in the assault on rural poverty and in the channelisation of adequate financial resources to the agricultural sector.
It added the difficulties inherent in engineering goods production such as relatively high capital outlays and prolonged gestation period for achieving break-even have largely been responsible for poor resource channelisation to this sector.
5 GHz profile with channelisation in the 7 MHz, but this will be futile since in most countries worldwide, this band is reserved for fixed services due to regulatory issues.
Tenders are invited for Third Party Inspection for Quality Assurance and Quality Control Channelisation of Chhounch Khad in tehsil Indora Distt Kangra H.
A source said that the outer cordon will comprise of traffic regulation, CCTV cameras, ' soft' checks and authorised access while there would be a middle cordon where there will be channelisation of spectators and physical segregation for the sake of security by metal detectors.
Several factors were identified that limit riparian buffer performance, including exfiltration, flow channelisation, scour, and low vegetation density.