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freshwater food fish common throughout central United States

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Fish include bluegill, sunfish, crappies, large-mouth bass and channel cats.
Channel cats will be caught in big numbers in the river, on the down slopes of sand bars.
The event kicks off with the release of 1,500 channel cats in a closed arm of the 995-acre lake just before 7 a.
Big channel cats stack upon the sand bar edges this time of year in eight to 10 feet of water.
Odd nicknames in minor-league hockey are springing up wherever teams skate: Mysticks, Nailers, Mallards, Cottonmouths, Channel Cats and Ice Bats.
The farm-raised channel cats, in fact, are among the few seafood offerings find consistently satisfying at restaurants.
The tournament series does have a dedicated children's division which targets channel cats, but Blake is no stranger to flatheads.
AS: Blue cats and flatheads are typically not raised in fish farms; farmers raise channel cats, mostly.