channel cat

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freshwater food fish common throughout central United States

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According to Thomas of FWC, channel cat appreciation for lures varies mysteriously by location.
But the wily channel cat and its big brothers, the blue and flathead, are the poor man's marlin--fish so agile, so discerning, so powerful, and sometimes just so darned big that they leave other freshwater fish floundering in their wake.
A 54-pound channel cat was recently boated by Ron Staub of Orange using mackerel.
I've got the largest portable fish tank in the world that I use for fishing seminars, and I guarantee that if you drop two baits--a cutbait and a dipbait--down on either side of a big channel cat, it's going to eat the dip bait first.
As far as pain, a 2- or 3-pound channel cat is the most aggressive fish you can get your hand into.
Channel cat enthusiasts also are primed to hit the water after a winter's layoff.
I caught my largest channel cat, one near 34 pounds, from shore.
Channel cats are just as antsy as we are in March and April.
garfish, rock bass, channel cats, a school of brim--
Try it for channel cats, crappie, bass, predatory rainbows and browns.
The first, by researchers at Mississippi State University at Starkville, showed that fried basa got better scores overall, as well as for texture and flavor; when compared with fried local catfish, and baked basa fillets got better taste scores than baked channel cats.
channel cats, and beginners can learn fish life-cycle and habitat requirements, along with the techniques needed to bait and cast.
I am planning something along this line this summer and will start with bullheads or channel cats.
Fish include bluegill, sunfish, crappies, large-mouth bass and channel cats.