channel capacity

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the maximum data rate that can be attained over a given channel

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The commercial outfits argued that educators are underutilizing this scarce public resource and that they could better exploit it to provide new forms of commercial wireless services if they could buy rather than lease excess channel capacity.
In addition to providing the increased voice channel capacity, the transportables will be able to transmit signals for two television channels.
MMDS operators will be able to increase their channel capacity significantly," he said, "because this unique system can transmit a full 43 megabits-per-second (Mbps) of digital video information on a 6-MHz cable channel.
As the political situation in Somalia continues to stabilize with the establishment of a new government, the increase of visitors to Somalia will drive the need to provide reliable and high quality GSM roaming and data services, as well as enable current subscribers to receive the highest voice quality with plenty of channel capacity to eliminate network blocking that may be experienced with other service providers.
Harmonic-patented technology embedded within the FTTP video overlay solution gives system operators the flexibility to increase channel capacity, transmit longer distances, or lower overall costs without sacrificing performance.
Statmon's award-winning Axess Remote Control and Monitoring Software features a scaleable, user-friendly, unlimited channel capacity solution that requires centralized remote control and monitoring for multiple transmitters at a single site or multiple sites in different locations.
Harmonic patented technology embedded within the solution gives system operators the flexibility to increase channel capacity, go longer distances, or lower overall costs without sacrificing performance.
Powered by AirNet's flexible broadband, SDR product architecture, the AdaptaCell 4000 XE is a compact, outdoor base station that offers the same twelve carrier, ninety-six traffic channel capacity of the flagship AdaptaCell 4000 base station in an all weather outdoor package small enough to allow pole mounting.
Octasic's OCT8304 Packetization Engine offers complete, standard compliant, AAL2 implementation at an unprecedented 1023 channel capacity, the highest capacity in voice packetization and aggregation on the market.
The EGT encoders are compatible upstream and downstream with all MPEG-2 standard equipment, giving operators an easy and cost-effective option to gain an immediate boost in network channel capacity.
Antenova's breakthrough High Dielectric Antenna (HDA(TM)) technology provides increased channel capacity, better data rates, improved spectrum efficiency, compact size and resistance to detuning.
The revised date means HSN and prospective TSM "tenants" will benefit from greater preparation time and move TSM's launch closer to the expected expansion of channel capacity.
Under the agreement, the restriction on trading allocation water to downstream of the choke can be relaxed when there is a low risk of demand for water downstream of the choke exceeding channel capacity.
will not be available immediately in the company's Greensburg, Monessen, McKeesport and Rural Valley systems but could be added as additional channel capacity is constructed.
Hiwire is a division of Aloha Partners, LP, the nation's largest 700 MHz spectrum owner, with 12 MHz of channel capacity in all of its markets.