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Changing Hands also carries tapes by Kansas music therapist and composer Janalea Hoffman, whose "Musical Hypnosis" tape starts out with a rhythm of 80 beats per minute and gradually slows to 50.
184 million shares changing hands while Dhofar Power company topped the list of the most active by volume with trading shares worth of RO.
50 for buying and after recording gains and changing hands closed at Rs 85.
The number of homes changing hands has dived by 53 per cent during the past year.
THE pace at which new cars are changing hands is accelerating, according to new figures.
On the flip side, the stock's January 10 put is the most active bearish bet today, with roughly 4,600 contracts changing hands.
94 for buying, incurred gains and was changing hands at Rs 102.
Earlier this year GRE shares were changing hands for as much as 400p each.