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marked by continuous change or effective action

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The changing of the bare, ugly little schoolroom into a bower of beauty; Miss Dearborn's pleasure at her success with the Simpson twins' recitation; the privilege of decorating the blackboard; the happy thought of drawing Columbia from the cigar box; the intoxicating moment when the school clapped her
Dixon, perhaps, had been very near changing one friend for the other, or been fixed only to Miss Campbell, for the sake of the future twelve thousand pounds.
Elinor was again obliged to decline her invitation; and by changing the subject, put a stop to her entreaties.
I was about to propound a question, touching the manner in which that operation of changing my heart was to be performed, when Mrs.
The study found that 41 percent of consumers have changed an email address at least once in the last two years, with 15 percent of that group changing email addresses two or more times in the last two years.
In an about-face, the IRS has now contacted firms that previously had their accounting change applications rejected, to advise them that the Service has reevaluated its position, and once again believes that changing the treatment of reimbursable litigation costs from deductible expenses to loans is a change in accounting method.
MCM is designed to improve the ability of all members of the manufacturing content supply chain to communicate and collaborate with one another about new or changing information concerning the manufacture, source or supply of products or components.
Mergers, acquisitions and other constantly changing market conditions often make it necessary for companies to make dramatic changes in their business processes.
In today's rapidly changing world, organizations must be able to plan and execute changes in their supply chain strategy quickly or risk falling behind competitors who are more nimble.
The Web has replaced traditional linear production lifecycles with a living and constantly changing `production ecosystem.
A consolidated group member changing to or from a 52-53-week tax year is not eligible for automatic consent for such change, unless the requested year is identical to the consolidated group's tax year.
To mimic the characteristic of complexity theory, the written assignment was adapted to a three-phased process with a changing group format.
The key changes that will be evident on December 22nd include random pat down screenings of passengers and changing the prohibited items list to allow items that are currently banned.
20, which required that changes in accounting principle generally be recognized by including the cumulative effect of changing to a new accounting principle on the last line prior to net income (that is, a current-period approach).
These factors may explain some of the increase in predisposition to atopy, but any effects on asthma prevalence and morbidity could be compounded by changing pollen profiles.