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marked by continuous change or effective action

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898; (2) it is changing to a required tax year, a 52-53-week tax year referencing such required year, the one-month deferral year or a 52-53-week year referencing the one-month deferral year; or (3) for post-July 10, 1989 tax years of the CFC, no U.
Students noted that the assignment simulated a real world experience of change and encouraged those involved in the assignment to adapt to the changing group members.
It is somewhat easier to establish direct links between changing climate and the burden of these infectious diseases, where etiology is fairly well established.
The reality is that changing compensation plans is necessary for a variety of business and strategic reasons.
Norwegian women, like their counterparts in other developed countries, are increasingly changing partners between their first two pregnancies, and evidence from a population-based study suggests that this trend may have adverse implications for pregnancy outcomes and infant health.
This trend is further supported by the number of life/health insurers changing their names to reflect affiliations.
A "big picture" aspect of the changing nature of work has been offered by Stark (1995), a Swedish business and economics professor.
Organizational change is fundamentally about changing individual behavior and group functioning.
Features to permit varying the dimensions of the preform and changing the mold cores, cavities, neck rings and gate inserts should be considered with new tooling acquisitions rather than after the mold has been built.
04 states that "an examining agent changing a taxpayer's method of accounting will impose a [sections] 481(a) adjustment.
The participants allowed that the socalled soft issues are becoming hard; what it takes to lead and direct people today is changing.
A metaphor for discontinuous change would be the changing visual patterns in a kaleidoscope.
Structural change, whether due to changing markets, altered institutions, or technological innovations, is difficult to capture in macroeconomic models.
Changing job definitions, work content and role relationships .