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an automatic mechanical device on a record player that causes new records to be played without manual intervention

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Monitoring these on the screen changer may not be as critical as checking the extruder and feed screw, but it can help spot an issue before it becomes catastrophic.
RAWALPINDI -- The armed dacoits snatched Rs 1 crore 19 lac from the money changers on gunpoint at Soan Bridge in the jurisdiction of police station Airport here on Thursday.
ADG now supplies five models of the Fimic continuous screen changer, with filter diameters from 325 to 700 mm (12.
Summary: More than 250 money changers across the country are likely to be stripped of licenses and forced into Lebanon's underground economy.
In the V-type screen changer the melt goes through four screen cavities with a filter area of--in this case--244 cm2 each.
KABUL (PAN): Kabul police have detained four suspects on the suspicion of killing Herat money changers union chief in the capital Kabul province early Tuesday morning.
Just hours before voters were set to go to the polls in the Tar Heel State and the Hoosier State, Obama and Clinton clashed over economic issues like the gas tax holiday while hoping for a game changer to bolster their cause, boost their delegate count and persuade crucial superdelegates to put them over the top.
The second way is that the money changer gives or will give more, as Peter hopes, than he received because the Florentine ducats are worth less at Milan where they are given to the money changer than at Florence where they are delivered.
99, is a detachable cassette receiver/CD changer controller that has 35 watts by four channels.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Habit Changer, the first online source of programs that give participants the tools to make positive and lasting life changes, announced today that the teachings of one of the most widely regarded spiritual books of our day, "The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment" by Eckhart Tolle, is now available as a 42-day program on its online site.
The semi-continuous hydraulic slide-plate screen changer utilizes a fast-acting hydraulic cylinder to move the screen packs in and out of the melt flow.
The line was processing polypropylene and was protected by a slide plate screen changer.
Xaloy is presenting a new air-assisted screen changer at the K 2007 show this month in Dusseldorf, Germany.
The RoboDrill PC-2 Pallet Changer System provides the quick changeover flexibility of a stand-alone machine plus the productivity of a pallet shuttle.
The Valuline is a standardized, mass produced screen changer available in four sizes for up to 8" extruders, and is said to be priced competitively with slide plate screen changers.