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Dario is a supreme representative of this amphibious creature, ambivalently straddling the modern cult of innovation while simultaneously longing for changelessness.
Earlier generations, coming from "tumultuous" events at home, saw the "sense of changelessness, of historical inertia and social stability that had appeared the enviable touchstone of China's enduring cultural truth" (Porter 192).
Identity continuity between the ancient Egyptians and the Coptic community of today is a fairly common idea among Egyptian Christians, but the question of Egyptian identity today is complex, more so than Meinardus's conclusion that "these Coptic customs and practices merely illustrate the changelessness of the Egyptian way of life
This seemingly static expedition fixes the Bundrens within a narrative of changelessness and suspension--a narrative representative of their social and economic immobility.
45) This tension between changelessness and newness in the hearing of the gospel is eloquently expressed in the Christian Scriptures in these words: "Beloved, I am writing you no new commandment, but an old commandment that you have had from the beginning; the old commandment is the word that you have heard.
But only the theory of punctuated equilibrium, Gould argued, could predict exactly what we have found (and not found) in the fossil record--evidence of overwhelming changelessness and sudden morphological macroevolution among small and geographically peripheral populations.
For Timaeus, it is changelessness which is ultimately valuable, but since the world is physical (i.
Obsession with Britishness and the greatness cargo-cult often has its own weird parochialism: an indurate sense of centrality, and hence of both potency of will and changelessness, the superiority syndrome once ridiculed in Australia as 'Pommy'.
Thompson disputes the myth of changelessness in Baptist thought and highlights the change of language about baptism over the centuries.
Both Arwen and Galadriel willingly choose to let go of the illusion of changelessness that the nearly (but not completely) immortal nature of the Elves enables them to enjoy.
There is a lot to be said for changelessness, and the landscapes of France seem, at least on the surface, to show it to good effect.
Erich Kolig, another commentator on Aboriginal religious life, has constantly emphasized an Aboriginal dogma of changelessness and continuity from the Dreaming enshrined in southern Kimberley Aboriginal cosmologies.
This, Deane argues, 'is a true dialectic, by virtue of which the term changelessness finds its meaning in its opposite, change; in which eternal recurrence discovers itself through the concept of eternal fixity; the wheel of becoming turns into the phase of being' (p.
Sula resists it because forced stasis (and its denotations of immobility, changelessness, and durability not elected by self) neither is her nature nor represents for her acceptable prospects.
10) As found in Petrarch, Stampa's lyric commemorations of love point equally to its infinite nature, its break with time, and its changelessness.