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Synonyms for changefulness

the quality of being changeable and variable

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Changefulness in both the world and its people; and everyone and everything in its proper scale; changefulness ritualized, "the worlds like an endless / four-dimensional / Game of go.
But if over against the changefulness of people, Hazlitt asserts the constancy of things, troping inanimate things as "the dead" in the essay's opening sentence surely problematizes this opposition from the start.
This fact explains the changefulness of religions through the centuries.
The paradox in his output, Brown argues, is that Nashe makes authorial stability (and commodity) out of his very changefulness.
In all the arts, we are struck by a general loosening of forms which in the past were relatively closed, strict, and objective, to ones which are more personal, free, random, and open, often suggesting in their seemingly casual formats an endless changefulness and boundlessness.
The very thing that for Milton guarantees the validity of the prayer--immunizes it, so to speak, against the atricality--is the changefulness which for others embodies the most reprehensible feature of theatricality.