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Synonyms for changeful

such that alteration is possible

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It was indeed a changeful brook; here it would make a pool, dark and brooding and still, where we bent to look at our mirrored faces; then it grew communicative and gossiped shallowly over a broken pebble bed where there was a diamond dance of sunbeams and no troutling or minnow could glide through without being seen.
I know,'' he said, ``that ye errant knights desire to carry your fortunes on the point of your lance, and reck not of land or goods; but war is a changeful mistress, and a home is sometimes desirable even to the champion whose trade is wandering.
Tao is the changeful world's environment; Happy are they that in its laws delight.
They follow the shadows, in changeful sport, across his unchanging features.
I stood, methought, on a terrace; I leaned over a parapeted wall; there was space below me, depth I could not fathom, but hearing an endless dash of waves, I believed it to be the sea; sea spread to the horizon; sea of changeful green and intense blue: all was soft in the distance; all vapour-veiled.
The salon d'Esgrignon represented the upper aristocracy (the returning Troisvilles attached themselves to it); the Cormon salon represented, under the clever influence of du Bousquier, that fatal class of opinions which, without being truly liberal or resolutely royalist, gave birth to the 221 on that famous day when the struggle openly began between the most august, grandest, and only true power, ROYALTY, and the most false, most changeful, most oppressive of all powers,--the power called PARLIAMENTARY, which elective assemblies exercise.
Thus he turns to his lover, his wife and her lover, and the changeful moon, one moment his "fairest friend," the next a "dancing spectre," to pinpoint causal forces.
15) Although advances in our understanding of original pronunciation have proven a welcome addition to scholarly knowledge, the drawbacks to interpretations based on selective pronunciation are obvious: in Shakespeare's time, different parts of England must have produced striking divergences in pronunciation, rendering the precision (and hence success) of wordplay in London's market of representation vulnerable to speaker, hearer, and reader, and to these agents' relation to language in a changeful environment.
The construction of Chinese traditional dwellings according to local conditions, be the most changeful architectural style, distinctive local characteristics, construction technology is flexible and practical.
As agents of change, they make Cresseid realize that time is relentless, love changeful and beauty "could easily become a poisoned chalice, brimming over with the sins of pride, lust and avarice" (Rawcliffe 2009: 55).
While the flow field in the process of cushion is complex and changeful, proper modeling is a problem for researching cushion technology.
The point of projecting his own changeful reality outward," Pollack argues, "is not only to rid himself of it--by giving the musician his identity, he also frees the artist's identity so that he might slip into it" (194).
Tensions can arise when attempts to make these complex and changeful collections somehow coherent effectively work to disappear uncomfortable inconsistencies.
The poem's exclamation that "Thy rills proclaim our changeful state / like them is human life" suggests, as in the case of the floating island, that human life is an ephemeral incident, analogous to runoff dividing into trickling streams over eroding earth.