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such that alteration is possible

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From this basis, it becomes possible to conceive of multiple ways to sequence and synthesise material that can be applied to the complex and changeful environment of participatory online documentary.
But when stern Winter's freezing breath Arrests thy howling rills How awful then it is to view Thy hoary mantled hills Thy rills proclaim our changeful state Like them is human life And as thy lakes, so is the grave Where ends our wordly (26) strife And as thy waters rest not there But seek the expanded sea Even so shall man's existence flow To dread Eternity O, may it be my happy lot In Thee to end my days And undisturbed with joy to sing Our great creator[']s praise (27)
Long, long I muse, then on my way go wandering, Many a changeful season to follow, and many a scene of life, Yet at times through changeful season and scene, abrupt, alone, or in the crowded street, Comes before me the unknown soldier's grave, comes the inscription rude in Virginia's woods, Bold, cautious, true, and my loving comrade.
But this method is not completely fulfilled to apply to energy savings uncertainty estimation, because the classification of the neighborhood is changeful and big data quantity is required.
Thus, over the 80s, development planners incorporated new approaches and values related to development projects (Korten, 1980; Hulme, 1989; Rondinelli, 1993) giving rise to a changeful situation, which reflects the failure of modernism.
In this way Wilde observes in Christ the manifestation of the full potential of the Romantic, "He [Christ] felt that life was changeful, fluid, active, and that to allow it to be stereotyped in any form was death" (1034).
All flesh is frayle, and all her strength unstayd, like a vaine bubble blowen up with ayre: devouring tyme and changeful chance have prayd her glories pride that none may it repayre.
Premier Chen explained that one major consideration of the policy is the changeful situation of global and domestic economy, especially following the rollout of QE3 policy in the U.
The main question for journalists and media managers in Hong Kong is how to find a balancing point among freedom of speech, political pressure, and market expectations in this changeful media market.
15] Though he seems to slumber in the heather, yet he moves all the time, for his skin, ever changeful, turns now gold, now silver, until he vanishes from sight among the ferns and mosses.
The Ganges and Brahmaputra are the chains of gold that wind round and round your neck; in the woodland fringes on the distant banks of the dark waters of the river, I have seen your collyrium-darkened eyelashes; the changeful sheen of your sari moves for me in the play of light and shade amongst the swaying shoots of green corn; and the blazing summer heat, which makes the whole sky lie gasping like a red-tongued lion in the desert is nothing but your cruel radiance.
The representation she does find is more open-ended, changeful and multivalent.
Discussion allows students to experience the changeful, non-fixed, evolutionary nature of ideas.
The metaphysical extension of the cosmos from what is known today through the methods, doctrines, and accumulated research findings of science is seen through the philosophy of objective relativism as being "stable and changeful, filled with life and death, replete with tragedy and joy, a tissue of interlocked processes, a multiplicity of unities, a one in many" (Morris, 1948, p.
So Hecuba: "All with changeful pain / My body rocketh, and would fain / Move to the tune of tears that flow: / For tears are music too, and keep / A song unheard in hearts that weep" (17).