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Nowadays, since January, 1979, researches of changeability and allocation of daily and monthly TOC values are carried out by means of the system of global monitoring.
Interestingly, the IT Consulting sector had some of the highest changeability scores for the applications they build for their own internal use.
The fluidity, changeability of relationships and the transience of marriage may look perfectly fine if you belong to the commentating classes of north London but you don't have to go many miles to see what the cost is for people who cannot take that sort of thing for granted.
A primary concern of the book is Young's changeable identity which paradoxically becomes one of the primary indicators of his identity: "His changeability, since it has been a constant and since it is of a kind frequently valorized in the rock culture of the 1960s and 1970s, does much to stabilize his identity" (p.
Includes critical metrics on each application such as Robustness, Maintainability, Changeability, Transferability and Performance -- Customers can benchmark their applications within their portfolio and against industry averages, and can track changes over time -- APIs connect the CAST AD Governance Dashboard with PPM and Configuration Management tools to enable managers to track costs and changes associated with applications in the portfolio so they can understand and impact maintenance cost drivers.
The importers' ability to establish and maintain an acceptable level of inter changeability between vaporized LNG and traditional pipeline gas, and more importantly the degree to which domestic natural gas users participate in, cooperate with, and ultimately facilitate these efforts, will likely have a significant impact on the degree to which LNG imports become a meaningful component of the domestic natural gas supply mix.
An increase in changeability might negatively impact testability.
Indeed, the library's many skylights, windows and open staircases, which create a feeling of changeability as light moves through, juxtaposed against conspicuous beams and support structures, offer a fitting metaphor for Byrne's hopes for the project overall.
One of the most perverse aspects of the disease is the changeability of a patient's mental state from moment to moment.
He demeanor and changeability, however, has led to confusion about him.
1] so the narrator of L'Astree ponders the shepherd Celadon's plunge into the river Lignon's waters of oblivion and its illustration of the inherent changeability of all things, particularly the once-constant and mutual love shared by the capricious shepherdess Astree and her faithful suitor.
In town, its generous steering lock and low-down changeability make it less of a handful than the sharp Ducati.
Berliners have long assumed that their city is unique among metropolises for the changeability and fluidity of the cityscape itself.
The Convertible is available in six-, eight-, and 12-station models offering complete changeability of any working station, at any position.
Borst told SCIENCE NEWS that while such an approach might work with Leishmania species, he doubts it could yield a vaccine for Trypanosoma parasites, in part because the variety of strains and the changeability of their surface proteins would likely enable them to evade vaccine-triggered antibodies.