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26) Much as Nonnus would later claim poikilia as a defining quality of his own Protean text, Philostratus uses Proteus here to announce the variety and changeability of the narrative to follow.
It is a research study of digitalisation of technology and media that suggests easy accessibility and speedy changeability for a total transformation.
However, we found evidence that the relationship between belief in weight changeability and exercise, healthful eating, and unhealthful eating differs by age.
She continued to clarify her position as in related to her Jewish observances, saying: "My social media shuts down for [the Sabbath] and sometimes we go to synagogue, sometimes we stay at home and we do [Sabbath dinners] I believe in [Jewish law] but I also believe in the permeability and changeability in the structure of Jewish law and I think Judaism has always adjusted to the times that it lived in, and it's adjusting in the time we are in now.
We had pitched our tents in a broad valley amidst the steep and imposing hills of Wales and our activists took part in a range of activities, which were marred only slightly due to the extreme changeability of the weather.
Supplement data gathered through FGs and community interviews (Figure 1) to further a community-driven triangulation and interpretation of the data and determine rankings of MCH disparity issues on importance and changeability metrics, as well as the potential savings (health and economic) that could be associated with intervention strategies.
This category has a strong connection with climate changeability and, because of that, it is hard to make predictions for the forecast period.
Plus the microclimate and changeability of the weather.
On this basis, it will be possible to build the rock mechanics model and determine directional characteristics and the amplitude of tectonic events and their changeability resulting from the variation of the stress field.
Although they developed a useful framework for illustrating and ranking cultural problems according to their changeability, their book provides only limited help on identifying the problems; solutions will have to be found elsewhere.
The concept of flexibility in the Iranian traditional houses has been defined in three kinds, variability (multi-functional spaces), versatility (seasonal daily movement) and changeability (differentiation and integration).
Oliver, 2002) Kristeva's drastic philosophical and psychoanalytic claims approach on the concept of the multifariousness, imbalance and changeability of the subject (Lazaroiu, 2013), and are grounded by her observance of singularity and plurality (her drastic proposal of multifariousness and alterity permeates her ethics).
Primary objectives of the designed plant system are flexible use of space in terms of reconfiguration based on the needs of the end user, changeability of the loads treated and hours of use; the ability to account for all consumption of each hypothetical tenant, ease of use and energy efficiency.
Besides, the excitement of meeting yet another new owner pales in comparison to the thrill of random changeability coupled with the exhilarating challenge of filling out a brand-new stack of health insurance forms.
However, when it comes to actually selecting flights, we are seeing customers pay closer attention to features such as baggage inclusion, seat selection and changeability as critical variables," said Greg Schulze, senior vice president, global tour and transport at Expedia, Inc.