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a baseball thrown with little velocity when the batter is expecting a fastball

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After the fastballs, the pitcher repeats a sequence of his change-up and other pitches.
Before the game, he'll say, `We won't throw change-ups to this guy' and then we get out there and he starts throwing change-ups.
As a bowler it is a nice thing to know it is going to land in the right spot and the only thing you have to think about is your change-ups - whether you are going to pitch it full, whether you are going to bowl a slower ball or bouncer.
When the Czech Republic faces perennial power Japan on Friday, his pitchers will throw fastballs and change-ups, he said.
The first pitch I got was a change-up, and all game long (Howell) was throwing change-ups and we were all hitting them into the ground and getting crappy pitches," Nieto said.
It's the bang-the-wicket kind of bowling that I like, the change-ups that I use," the Age quoted Johnson, as saying.
I will also use the shortest Bracket for change-ups.
On an album that gets better on repeated listening, Dylan also throws a few change-ups.
Power hitters go deep more often than average hitters and pitchers throw their specialty pitches including wicked curves, change-ups and smoking fast balls.
Said Saucier, "I like to throw a lot of change-ups, curves and drops.
Seated in the second row behind home plate, Smith enjoyed watching Sampson frustrate the Tri-City batters with his array of change-ups, curveballs and fastballs.
Within five minutes, you want to have the different change-ups like that.
The incorporation of systematic change-ups in volume, intensity, exercise selection, set/rep schemes, and frequency will abet the athletes' physical development and keep the workouts fresh and challenging, regardless of training philosophy.
Bringing surprising melodic twists and off-beat rhythmic change-ups to his interpretation of Country/Roots music, James' debut album, OLD FRIENDS, is a first-rate compilation of carefully chosen tunes.
The lefty said he threw two breaking balls, two change-ups and two fastballs, which topped out at 72 mph.