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a baseball thrown with little velocity when the batter is expecting a fastball

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The change-up could be a jig or a crank rolled off the fingers for an off-speed delivery.
These pitches should be mixed as they will be in the game (a change-up after a fastball), as well as with locations.
In the 15-strikeout game, she was using a lot of change-ups, and it was really working well," White said.
The type of change-up you want and the speed of the pitch will be up to you.
The incorporation of systematic change-ups in volume, intensity, exercise selection, set/rep schemes, and frequency will abet the athletes' physical development and keep the workouts fresh and challenging, regardless of training philosophy.
The circle or OK change has become the preferred change-up of the day.
I knew right after they hit my change-ups, I had to do something different.
The changes are mostly in adaptations of basic pitches, like split-fingered fastballs, circle change-ups, cut fastballs, etc.
For example, "Wing Right 48 Waggle" could become a change-up by adding the word "Curl" ("Wing Right 48 Waggle Curl").
At Pine Forest High School, we start teaching our pitchers how to throw the change-up the very first time they throw in practice.
Start by stretching out your fingers and squeezing a softball - using your fastball, curveball, and change-up grips.
As far as my contemporaries go, I enjoyed watching Andy Messersmith pitch, especially after he developed his change-up.
The five things to work on in teaching the change-up are grip, wrist action, arm action, release point, and backside drive.
Probably should have thrown a few more change-ups in there, but the slider was a good pitch today and I didn't want to stray away from that too much," he said.