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It took me one or two days to change surface so I didn't have a problem with that.
The purpose of the original project was to change surface water drainage patters on the CCWF to rehydrate wetlands in the eastern portion of the CCWF which were affected by ground water withdrawal, and to help reduce nuisance flooding in two nearby residential developments.
When you change surface and you only practise for 30 minutes and you play your best two matches in a row it's very, very good.
Whenever you change surface it is good to get a win under your belt,' world No 7 Roddick said.
Scientists claim LED technology will be used to keep homes clean, change surfaces to suit moods and move partitions to change layouts.
But a transparent, nanoparticle-based coating developed by Agricultural Research Service scientists can quickly change surfaces from hydrophobic to hydrophilic, so that rain doesn't bead up, and your visibility isn't impaired.
Nadal said that it was not the ideal thing to change surfaces in a couple of days but it was always special for him to play on clay as it was a surface he loved.
If Andy got to the finals of the Australian Open, by the time he has flown to Buenos Aires he will only have two or three days to change surfaces before he plays a Davis Cup World Group match.
It's tough on the body to change surfaces so often.
Though he prefers racing on the roads, he plans to change surfaces for the next few months and will make a quick return to the region for the North Eastern Cross-Country Championships, which are being held in Darlington on December 13.
He's trained well at Belmont and we didn't want to change surfaces," said Godolphin assistant trainer Tom Albertrani.
The software was used as a diagnostic tool to see how they could change surfaces and understand the consequences of those changes on the aerodynamic drag," said V.
We qualify on all the surfaces, so something that would be a little bit more fair for the players would be to change surfaces," he said.