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If the sensor turns on at five degrees when the shift spins the first time, does it change state at five degrees at the next rotation?
Kennedy recently wrote to the governor and state lawmakers urging them to change state law to give the governor the ability to appoint an interim replacement to the Senate seat should he be unable to continue serving.
The offering to T11 includes proposals for link initialization and selection, distribution of name/server, distribution of change state (zoning), and the routing protocol.
Advocates of school-sponsored prayer also tried to change state law to allow referendums so they could put the issue before the voters but failed.
The results of the Connecticut study already are being used to change state regulations concerning acceptance of advanced directives by emergency medical teams.
Ultimately, the CSTP Teacher Development and Support Initiative aims to change state and local policies and practices so that teacher induction and support programs become a more integral part of school and district improvements.
Glickman is seeking to change state policy banning guns on the Manchester Community College campus, even for police.
That change would be far easier to achieve and more practical than Villaraigosa and city officials' face-saving call to change state law to require public hearings.
The professors have established language immersion schools, testified before Congress, helped change state law and are now establishing the country's first doctoral program in indigenous languages.
Because OLEDs can change state in microseconds rather than many milliseconds, eMagin microdisplays deliver images and information virtually flicker-free in these applications, making them usable for extended periods with no adverse effects.
One of those mistakes was state officials' dumping the Northeast Valley Enterprise Zone, even though Schwarzenegger had agreed to change state law so it would remain.
Arnold Schwarzenegger agreed to change state law so that Pacoima and adjacent areas could retain their 20-year-old enterprise zone status, state officials dumped the Northeast Valley zone anyhow.
Furthermore, because of the negligible mass of the structures, a force of over 100 million times the force of gravity would be required to make a memory cell change state.
Arnold Schwarzenegger to change state regulations in an effort to retain the Northeast Valley Enterprise Zone, which gives tax breaks to companies that create jobs.
Arnold Schwarzenegger agreed Friday to change state regulations.