change of direction

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the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented

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Several studies have investigated the relation between the vertical jump tests (8,27) and short-distance sprints with change of direction (17,19) as a means to investigating their association with the players' performance during the match (22), with chronic adaptations to training (15,21,23), and with the performance prediction models of these motor actions (6,18).
Similarly, agility showed no improvement when sprint training without change of direction was applied alone (24-26).
2006) An evaluation of a new test of reactive agility and its relationship to sprint speed and change of direction speed.
A "jump stop" with a proper leg angle will speed up this change of direction.
Figure 2 illustrates the time-course changes in the angle of trunk inclination during a change of direction.
Table 2 lists the trunk inclination angle at characteristic periods during a change of direction.
Connors stated, "The execution of this LOI is a milestone event and marks a significant strategic change of direction for the Company.
Developed by the BAE Systems Inertial Systems Division, the new solid-state capacitive gyro sensors offer a compact and inexpensive solution suitable for mass market applications where the sensing of the change of direction or orientation of the object is needed.
In the meantime, should Xmark's efforts bear fruit and a change of direction takes place within Caliper, we would be interested in revisiting our prior offer.
I am very excited about the new company's future and feel the change of direction was inevitable and best for our shareholders.
UDCCF Board Approves Change Of Direction In Corporate Strategy
Brenner for what we believe will be an unprecedented change of direction in the aesthetics of loudspeaker finishes," according to Salvi in describing the joint venture.
of Cleburne, Texas that represents a major change of direction for the company.
de Souza's appointment is part of a program to strengthen the management of Altai in order to give emphasis to the change of direction of the Corporation from an exploration company to a revenue generating production company.