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candles and other commodities sold by a chandler

a storeroom where candles are kept

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Revamp the 25-year-old marina office and chandlery to create a more modern building, including first-floor accommodation together with a cafe, chandlery and boat sales brokerage facility on the ground floor.
Lyam Ashan Mathew, 28, of Taliesin Court, Chandlery Way, Cardiff, was found guilty of driving without insurance.
When the Chandlery opened in Newport in March 2002, under the ownership of chef and proprietors Simon and Jane Newcombe, it quickly built a reputation as a destination restaurant winning many awards and a coveted Bib Gourmand award from the Michelin guide.
The present offices will eventually be part of a grand structure featuring a yacht chandlery and a full-service yard equipped with a marine travelift for lifting yachts of all sizes, a statement from Al Futtaim said.
The first, at the Chandlery restaurant in Newport, was a French extravaganza, matching classic Gallic dishes such as French onion soup and tarte tatin with their vinous counterparts.
However, he has some smart form in the book, not least when beaten into third by subsequent Group Two winner Chandlery and sales race victor Coupe De Ville at Goodwood in June.
Ship's Stores at the North Wharf dock at 1 Morse Street and Herring Creek Road offer a full boater's chandlery.
Kai and Bob thanked CYCA members for their support, while many members also shared many fond memories of Kai's famous sausages, her late husband Reg, Bob and his family and the many unique boating wares that could be found in the Chandlery.
The success of the decision to diversify and expand the range of products sold in the ship chandlery shop created an urgent need for more storage space.
Other services on offer include Wi-Fi bars, car hire, travel; services, a cinema and chandlery, state-of-the-art security cameras.
TRAVEL FACTS FOR AN official Rocky Mountain International Real America Guide and further information on travelling to Wyoming contact: Martin Roberts, Rocky Mountain International, 1G The Chandlery 50 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7QY Call 020 7953 8790 Fax: 020 7953 8791 or email martin@rmi-realamerica.
Hoff's ship chandlery, and most significantly, the storeship General Harrison.
City air was polluted by the smoke from thousands of coal-fires and the stinking industrial processes involved in tanning, brewing, chandlery, and many other trades.
Work will begin on the 150 yacht berths on the River Ness in April and the village will feature a luxury hotel, chandlery and a street of exclusive retailers.
Already in place is The Quarter and Basin One, alongside 400 berths, chandlery and brokerage with local bars, shops and restaurants on hand.