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a flight maneuver consisting of a steep climbing turn executed to gain altitude while changing direction

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The group has been acknowledged as a pioneer in 4PL with expertise in cargo andcruise vessel handling, liner agency, bulk vessel handling, naval ship handling, freight forwarding, customs clearance, air cargo, charter flight operations, road transport, ship chandelling, tug owning, travel agency operations, bulk terminal operations and other services connected to the transportation industry.
From a small shop in Manama, the company started catering to all industries, construction sector, government departments and ship chandelling under a one-stop-shop concept.
Ship-repairing, crew-changing, ship chandelling and the only sector set apart exclusively for SLPA- bunkering, are categorized under the 'Services Component' while car assembling, manufacturing, value adding industries, bulk operations, warehousing and storage operations are under the umbrella of 'Logistics Component', Dr.
Ship chandelling is a major industry in the city, as is the provision of other maritime services--from insurance and admiralty law to ship repairs.