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a small hard painless nodule at the site of entry of a pathogen (as syphilis)

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Intuition--if not hard numbers--suggests that HIV incidence should jump in tandem with syphilis incidence: Syphilitic chancres offer wide portals for H IV to enter the circulation; CD4-cell homing to inflamed lesions provides a brimming population of H IV-susceptible cells; and syphilis-induced immune activation would ratchet up HIV replication.
Infection in travelers is usually characterized by an acute febrile illness, sometimes associated with a macular evanescent rash or chancre (2,4).
Patients infected with both HIV and syphilis show chancres characteristic of primary syphilis, although these chancres may be more numerous, larger, and deeper (3).
In another experiment, prostitutes who had tested negative for these diseases were injected in the cervix with tissue extracted from human and animal syphilitic tumors, chancres, or pus from gonorrheal sores before they had contact with the prisoners.
Aphthae differ from chancres (another sexually transmitted disease to consider) by the painful nature of aphthae and their lack of induration, Dr.
These symptoms usually appear after the chancres of primary syphilis have resolved.
The third film-within-the-film is called Seeing Is Believing, and it's every teenage boy's nightmare, showing grainy footage of syphilis victims struggling to wall, blinded, horribly scarred, teeth rotting, their bodies oozing with chancres and open sores, and, in one case, a fleeting image of a person whose feet have been eaten away by disease.