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a small hard painless nodule at the site of entry of a pathogen (as syphilis)

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gt; Chancres attract CD4 cells--the primary target for HIV infection--to the ulcer surface.
There was one patient with genital chancre (Table 3).
Other bacterial infections seen were scrofuloderma and primary chancre.
The next clinical change is the regional lymphadenopathy that accompanies the chancre within 7 to 10 days of the onset.
Two subjects were found to have scar of healed chancre on external genitalia.
He presented to Infectious Disease Clinic for his scheduled appointment with complaint of chancre and rash over both hands and feet for one-week duration.
I know of only one thing lumpier, and that's a chancre.
Alternatively, two or more painful necrotic ulcers can present in chancre related infections, accompanied by erythema and oedema in the surrounding area.
It boasts a much broader larder than the ice cream and potatoes for which it is primarily famed, from an impressive supply of some of the most sought-after shellfish, including razor clams and Chancre crab, to rare breeds of pork and award-winning blue cheese.
A refrigerator that 1 can chancre the temperature of from my car?
For this patient, lack of history of primary chancre, absence of cardiovascular and neurologic complications in the chronic stage of the infection, absence of history of any sexual activity, and socioeconomic background are suggestive of the nonvenereal subspecies.
a physical as well as moral chancre, untreatable, gasping for breath where it had collapsed.
Secondary syphilis begins two to eight weeks after the appearance of the chancre of primary syphilis with diverse cutaneous manifestations including generalised macular, papular, pustular, or vesicular lesions; condyloma lata; or pigmentary changes.
Another symptom of the disease can be the appearance of a chancre at the site of the bite, a bit like a veld sore.
39) This chancre heals without treatment after another 3 to 6 weeks.