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With the thought of the chanciness, of the accidence of the fall.
In an inspired moment, "Sripathi thought about the chanciness of existence, the beauty and the hope and the loss that always accompanied life, and felt a boulder slowly roll off his heart.
She applies to the relationship a quotation from The Heat of the Day: "The very temper of pleasures lay in their chanciness .
Besides becoming acutely aware of the chanciness and contingency of journalism, someone in the source game learns the media practice their own form of incest.
The chanciness of benefits arising from currency becomes even more apparent when we look at it from another angle.
Without announcing it directly, Baker showed that his family's misfortune in the Depression permanently altered his view of the chanciness of life.
Thus, observed egg size is a balance between the chanciness of larval survival enhanced by the production of a larger number of eggs and the genetically predisposed, but environmentally modulated, individual probability of larval survival that is a function of egg size, with environment determining the optimal size.