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According to Chancier Sheikhar Panchani, three religions are harmoniously coexisting in Arunachal Pradesh: Hinduism in the foothills, animism in the central stretch of the hills, and Buddhism in the higher Himalayan frontiers.
Rather than taking an orthodox stand as either a "foundationalist" or a "constructivist," I hope to use Faulkner's materialist aesthetics--his deep interest both in the imbrication of nature in the textual condition and in the materialities of written and spoken language--to triangulate a third, chancier position, in a liminal space somewhere between what we often take to be the discrete and even contradictory realms of "built" textuality and "unbuilt" land.
With so much riding on an ace, the IG bet is a chancier
Featured teachers: Tootie Heath, Ndugu Chancier, Dena DeRose, Jim Cullum and Sheryl Bailey.
He would rather have played the trumpet, with its jazz and "star" prospects, but that would have been much chancier.
But it also means we belly up to chancier, higher-crime areas.
You could pick individual company shares you fancy - but that is chancier than the share spread from trust investments.