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a government building housing the office of a chancellor

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Both the party chancellory and the DAF had stopped all work on the plan by March 1943.
One of my tasks will be to convince Serbia that it must resume dialogue with Kosovo," said Merkel in her weekly podcast broadcast on the Chancellory website on Saturday.
Poland's top oil refiner PKN Orlen (WAR:PKN) would make a wrong move to sell control of Mazeikiu Nafta, its refinery in Lithuania, Deividas Matulionis, the chief of the Lithuanian prime minister's chancellory, said last night.
His son Mike, 10, demonstrated outside the Chancellory headquarters of Helmut schmidt with a sign around his neck saying; "Mr federal chancellor, I want my mommy back.
Also present will be Thomas De Maieiere, Federal Minister, Head of the Federal Chancellory and Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission
Their bodies were partially burned by aides and hastily buried in the Chancellory garden.
the Federal Chancellory, (37) the Federal Bureau for the Protection of
April 30: With Soviet troops marching on the Reich Chancellory in the heart of Berlin, Hitler commits suicide in his Berlin Fuhrerbunker - shooting himself in the head as he bites on a cyanide pill.
It's also worth spending time at the site of Hitler's Chancellory and Bunker.
Both said they learned of the meeting's content from other CUNY members, the chancellory and a newspaper article.
It never reached Hitler, however, since the Reich Chancellory and Hitler's secretary refused to submit it.
And when visitors entered his chancellory, they should "have the feeling that they are visiting the masters of the world.
These include chapters by Elisabeth Lalou on the royal chancellory and the possible identity of Chaillou de Pesstain, Malcolm Vale on the royal courts, and Wathey on Gerves du Bus and his circle.
Interview subjects Germans Government officials Chancellory 3 Foreign Ministry 8 Defense Ministry 6 German Embassy, Washington, D.