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Synonyms for champ

to seize, as food, with the teeth

to bite and grind with the teeth

Synonyms for champ

someone who has won first place in a competition

chafe at the bit, like horses

chew noisily


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Phillips continued: "Obviously it's been a frustrating time for both the player and myself, however, it may be the injury problems are a blessing in disguise and when he does return he'll be fresh and champing at the bit.
The Sky Blues host Barnsley and the 22-year-old tough-tackler is champing at the bit to get started.
Everybody was champing at the bit to get their next project,'' an insider said.
But he is champing at the bit to get in the nets and remind himself exactly what it is he is training to be again.
Murphy is champing at the bit to get started but knows he must hit the ground running and maintain his high standards from the outset.
While we've been on this run we can see the other players in the squad champing at the bit.
We all know that Tim is number one, though, and he'll have been champing at the bit to get back out there.
Punters will be champing at the bit to put on anteposts today and get stuck into the weekend coupons - but I'd advise caution.
It is anticipated that the project is to start and La Porte Construction is already champing at the bit to be commenced.
He's really champing at the bit to help the team," added the manager.
Birmingham Royal Ballet's dancers are champing at the bit to work with their new colleague.
I'll bet that everyone is just champing at the bit to shell out $700 and go plink through a few boxes of .
Genk forward Jelle Vossen has 12 goals this season and he will be champing at the bit after missing a penalty in the dying minutes which would have given them a draw against Anderlecht after an inspired second-half comeback.
Fittingly, her novel was finished just before she went into hospital and now book lovers will be champing at the bit to snap up her final creation.
There are plenty of young boys champing at the bit and I think that drives the performances of the older players as well.