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Synonyms for champ

to seize, as food, with the teeth

to bite and grind with the teeth

Synonyms for champ

someone who has won first place in a competition

chafe at the bit, like horses

chew noisily


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He said: "It was great to see the work of the dog section recognised at the awards ceremony, and the sight of Champ in a black tie certainly caught a lot of people's eyes.
Included are easy tips on how to make a difference, a wonderful "pome" written by Champ about his happy ever after life, and a short story fiction for younger readers.
As part of the unification agreement, the IRL reportedly has made an offer to Champ Car teams to entice them to race in the Long Beach Grand Prix, even though it might not be part of this year's revised IRL schedule.
The Champ could wade through water more than four feet deep and it had superb torsion bar suspension plus five forward and reverse gears, giving it a tremendous cross-country ability.
We introduced Planet Color this year, a new line of optically enhanced coatings that will bring new life to the sponsor color schemes for each Champ team.
Big tree hunters Byron Carmean and Gary Williamson, who have nominated trees since 1986, found the biggest new broadleaf champs, a pair of water tupelos in Southampton County, Virginia, more than 10 feet thick.
For 15 frustrating rounds, the champ out-maneuvered Braddock, deflecting the challenger's right hand and slowly picking him apart with a serpentine left jab.
In between, the story builds steadily to the confrontation at the Champ de Mars.
Space Invaders (f/w), Revenge of Froggy (s/w), Em (s/w), Champ Galaxia (s/w), Champ Pac Em (s/w), Othello (s/w) and Pong - Level 1 ( Interesource).
If CHAMPs exist, they would be a relatively rare constituent of the Earth, perhaps with a concentration similar to that of gold, Glashow says.
Ramp Champ boasts dazzling artwork, easy to learn game controls and four levels or "ramps" offering hours of addictive game play.
In addition to its solid scientific background, the ChAMP is convenient and easy to use, with just one simple form needed for administration, all interpretive data provided in the Professional Manual, and a short administration time of 30-40 minutes (or 10-15 minutes for the Screening Index).
The problem is that the Newman/Haas team, owned by actor Paul Newman and race car maven Carl Haas, remains on top of the Champ Car World Series game and is still giving ground begrudgingly despite the best efforts of veterans like Tracy and the up-and-comers from RuSPORT.
The 222-point champ, located in Vero Beach, stood 68 feet tall with a 138-inch circumference (it took three people with outstretched arms to encircle it, according to TCPalm.
The newly launched Food Champ Talent Management Group, a talent firm based in Nashville, Tenn.