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Influence of excitation frequency on alignment duration for the chamferless and chamfered pegs is presented in Fig.
West Marine's Traditional anchors feature precision die-cut components for accurate assembly and symmetry, a tapered shank with chamfered edges for deeper seabed penetration and full lightweight-type dimensions for roll stability.
It uses Sandvik's Tailor Made program for custom drilling of straight, stepped and chamfered applications.
A structure of black-enameled sheet steel, it comprises a trapezium with chamfered corners sitting in front of a rectangle and three disks.
Microchip's SOT-385 package featuring a single chamfered corner dramatically increases the level of security required in such systems.
nut/hexagonal mcp b grade to is 1363 double chamfered, size m 16 x 2 mm(pitch) makes: tvs/tata/gkw/fit tight/unbroko
Unlike the bulk of Barcelona, characterised and regulated by Cerda's chamfered grid, the bustling neighbourhood of Gracia has a more haphazard and densely packed urban grain.
Both ends of the bar or tube can be OD and ID chamfered and no additional facing operations are necessary.
The gun was given a trigger and action job, new springs and a chamfered cylinder by pistolsmith Dave Sample.
Small windows to the box office and the new building's lobby are seemingly carved into deep, chamfered copper-clad reveals, both to emphasize the solidity of the brick volumes and to frame the courtyard threshold.
Solid reamers do almost all their cutting with the 45-degree chamfered front end.
Designed as two cylinders playing against one another, the new elevator cabs feature chamfered ends encircled by rings of fiber optic cables, illuminating the top and bottom.