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Tomb typologies were pits, cist tombs, rock-cut tombs, chamber tombs, infant jar burials (only documented in Palestine), tumuli, ceramic coffins and shaft tombs.
During our first field season, we excavated a large chamber tomb similar to those of the Warrior Priest and the Bird Priest at Sipan.
These finely made figures and dioramas have attracted the interest of archaeologists, art historians, and museum curators for over a century because of their expressiveness and rich detail, tempered by the sad fact that most of these objects were looted from shaft and chamber tombs and sold on the wider art market.
The author of this work takes a non-traditional approach to interpreting tomb architecture, the use of interior space, and grave goods by focusing on patterns of similarity among internments in the chamber tombs of Bronze Age Canaan.
Both articles refer to Cerveteri, the necropolis with streets and squares of seventh and sixth century BC chamber tombs.