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They belong to an island-wide tradition of extramural necropoli containing both pit and chamber tombs, typically with multiple burials and quantities of ceramic and other grave goods (Keswani 2004).
The longevity, size and quality of the tombs, the large number of tombs, burials and burial goods and the formal disposal of neonates, infants and children in chamber tombs are unparalleled.
As chamber tombs could not have been constructed in response to a recent death, there is a strong implication of planning for the future, of tomb-building as an assertive act of association and belonging with long-term implications of inherited rights and associations.
By the late fifth century BC great ashlar chamber tombs appear, sometimes with a false beehive vault and long dromos.
Dedicated to the doyenne of Welsh megalithic studies Frances Lynch, its fide inspired by one of her reflections on Welsh portal dolmens, this volume aims to explore the landscape setting of Wales' megalithic chamber tombs from the kind of theoretical perspective that might not automatically be associated with Lynch (although the authors credit her with a pioneering contribution along these lines).
He presented three case studies, two of which concerned the megalithic chamber tombs of south-west and south-east Wales.
If this was such an important general idea, why do so many outcrops, including the most spectacular ones, have no megalithic chamber tombs built anywhere near them, whilst conversely a not very prominent outcrop, such as Carn Wen, may spawn three or more tombs?
A total of three LBA necropoli of rock-cut chamber tombs are located on the steep slopes near by.