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capable of being challenged

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Ipsa said: "To do otherwise would be unfair to those concerned and legally challengeable.
So, to reduce the possibility of an accident, determining the mechanisms of behavioral and cognitive performance degradations in microgravity and the corresponding counter measures are of great significance and must be challengeable tasks for aerospace medicine researchers.
He said that as they wanted fair and transparent intra-party poll, which is a challengeable task, therefore it will take some time.
He reminded Imran Khan that Bani Gala palace land issue was challengeable as the stories told by him regarding donation of land by his ex-wife and sale of flat had many contradictions and flaws.
Indeed, any astute and honourable Chancellor would have taken the March 2016 Budget to re-assess the whole of the challengeable overseas aid budget - which we all know does not always reach its deserving destination
We have advised our clients that any decision by the council to approve the RMA would be readily challengeable by way of an application for judicial review.
He pointed out that keeping in view the present critical and Challengeable condition of the country; they tried their best to construct the New Mardan Jail building equipped not only with all modern facilities but also a foolproof secured prison.
Test method validation of some kind is a must in any industry that collects data If a company cannot objectively justify its test method(s) for a particular inspection/measurement, then resulting data is suspect, making the related product validation and verification suspect and challengeable.
The life of the current government, the civil society activist said, was extended by the national legislature whose period had also elapsed, adding that from the legal and constitutional point of view, it was not right that another legally challengeable institution extended the term of another legally challengeable institution.
Funnelling part-Maori children, too, into schools with a damagingly narrow, te reo curriculum is more than challengeable.
This involves a slew of challengeable, subjective decisions, as no two properties are truly alike and comparisons are not informed by sufficient data.
Also, as Mauritius becomes more engaged with the world, there is the notion that the rules by which we previously lived are challengeable.
Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was disappointed the Patriots' proposal that virtually anything be challengeable was not passed.
11) The BMAPs are adopted by DEP as an order, (12) and as such, are challengeable and enforceable the same as any other agency order adopted under F.