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(Judaism) a loaf of white bread containing eggs and leavened with yeast

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During Rosh Hashana, challah is often shaped into forms other than the usual braid.
Photo: To break the fast at Yom Kippur, thick sweet-sour beet borscht is served to sip after the loaf of challah is blessed
Challah bread, 100 loaves a week; all breads, 300 loaves a week.
In Sliced Bread Games' first title, Sliced Bread , bakers will slice up a variety of pastry and dough delights - everything from bagels to cookies and waffles to challah bread can be sliced with a swipe of the finger
They dip apples and challah, a round-shaped egg bread, in honey.
Challah is often associated with Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year).
Except no challah, no Torah and no old ladies coming up and going, 'You did such a good job.
In true Deloitte Consulting style, this program was developed through a consultative process," said Sabri Challah, Global Director of Human Resources.
Bananas Foster French Toast-Bacardi-spiked caramelized bananas, challah and vanilla-bean chantilly from Frontier (Chicago, IL)
Twenty women gathered to perfect the art of challah (egg-rich, yeast leavened bread) baking.
Then there's challah, the traditional braided Jewish egg bread.
Also very highly recommended for preschoolers is Beily Paluch and Patti Argoff's other "Playful Action Rhyme" board book, Braid The Challah (192962-817X, $5.
When he's not playing Ultimate Frisbee, writing Haikus or baking challah you can find Jacob at the forefront of CallFire's sales team.
Studio One offers two types, both made with thick slices of challah bread from the Humble Bagel bakery, dipped in a batter rich with eggs and cream.
95) are sourdough, five-grain, walnut and raisin, rye, olive, poppy seed, rosemary, challah, brioche and more.