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(Judaism) a loaf of white bread containing eggs and leavened with yeast

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Cardiff's Jewish community held three challah makes across the city.
Challah says that his is the largest agency left, with a team of 30.
Scatter with parsley and serve with challah bread, if you like.
Camp SEED - Events for Jewish women and children include a Challah Baking Workshop at 5:30 p.
encoded with the knowledge of kneading challah dough,
The second, and largest part, contains recipes for all sorts of breads and pastries, from challah to sour cream spritz cookies.
Shoppers will have an opportunity to meet internationally trained stylist Doha Challah in partnership with Debenhams.
Traditional/symbolic foods eaten include apples, honey, round challah bread, dates, black-eyed beans, leek, spinach, pomegranates, gourd, etc.
This expansion of a self-published family cookbook includes not just the expected, much-loved traditional items like Challah, Matzoh Balls, Rugelach and Latkes, but also modern recipes like Thai Vegetable Salad, Roasted Corn and Mango Salsa, and Rice Paper-Wrapped Sea Bass.
From Chilled Salmon with Dijon Dipping Sauce; Avgolemono Soup; Crunchy Tofu Thai Salad; and Chicken Cacciatore; to Lamb Chops on a Bed of Couscous; Savory Eggplant; Tea Biscuit and Sorbet Tower; and Challah Garlic Bread, "Quick & Kosher" offers a culinary wealth of recipes for dishes that would grace any family dining table and satisfy the most gourmet of appetites, while satisfying even the stringent Jewish dietary requirements.
Challah bread, baked treats, and wine will be served, followed by kosher product sampling throughout the day.
Challah is shaped into a circle or round to symbolize hope for a well-rounded year.
Mom's challah and cookies were famous--but now Mom is gone, killed in a house fire while Cara was away--and Cara struggles with her grief, with being a survivors with her father, and with finding a way to heal them both in this gentle story of love and recovery.
A lady from one of the temples called me and told me that if we made plenty of challah they would buy it up," says the serial entrepreneur, who grew up in East Honolulu and received an undergraduate degree from UCLA.
A Jews for Jesus couple in Florida sat in a living room crammed with Stars of David, loaves of challah, and various Jewish tchotchkes, reading Christian Bible verses.