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Synonyms for chalky

composed of or containing or resembling calcium carbonate or calcite or chalk


of something having the color of chalk

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The comic was recording a Life Stories chat with Piers Morgan when he adopted a West Indian accent as he defended using a character called Chalky in the 80s.
Combining forces with other growers, you could work a chalky, or has too much lime, for growing rhododendrons or ericaceous camellias rota and share the cost - in full production your plot could typically provide enough food to feed 20 people, so there should be plenty to still make it worthwhile.
CHALKY the West Highland Terrier came unstuck after his teeth became glued together.
I am now left with all my brassware covered in a chalky coating.
We rang next morning only to find that Chalky left at closing time.
Conceivably this is because wine characteristics interpreted by tasters as mineral (such as flinty, chalky or oyster shell) have an ability to evoke wider concepts via associative memory including the powerful marketing tool of vineyard location, or terroir.
Folders format - A5, coated paper, high-quality, chalky 135g.
A glass is filled with chalky water from the tap and carried to a
When you walked out of the whale the hem of your robe brushed his chalky tongue.
There will be the occasional thoughts being cast back to "I wonder what happened to old Chalky White on HMS Rustybucket?
Unlike chalkboard paint, this paint creates a chalky finish.
Macroscopic examination of joints affected by gout reveals a nodular, white, chalky appearance.
Chalky will be sadly missed by all his old army buddies.