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sheet of slate


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There are other chalkboards at Kings Heath and Erdington Libraries, Heartlands Hospital's cafe, Moments Cafe at Holloway Circus, Erdington High Street and the You+ Lifestyle Shop in Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre.
The first misconception about chalk paint is that it's chalkboard paint, but it's not.
I loved the look and functionality of chalkboard signs, but they were expensive, didn't come with stands, and were hard to find locally.
The Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint (308) is a latex topcoat that turns virtually any interior surface into a chalkboard.
But with specialized paints--such as white-board, chalkboard, and magnetic--you can consider giving walls, doors, desks (and more) new functions.
Wyken Croft Primary School, has installed the large chalkboards and two benches as a tribute to Harry McCall, who died of leukaemia, aged seven.
98, below left, and a chalkboard wall sticker, right
Items for sale include desks, chairs, pianos, file cabinets, bookcases, wood cabinets and chalkboards, as well as building components such as lights, plumbing fixtures, flooring, wood paneling and much more.
On-premise POS drives consumers to see how they can take home the Bass bar or order upscale Bass merchandise, including chalkboards, leather coasters, mirrors and neon signs.
This retrospective began with the black-and-white "Mathematics" series, 1976-77, in which the photographer shot and reshot sections of university chalkboards covered with mathematical notations.
In Chalktown, the villagers haven't spoken in six years, and communicate by writing on chalkboards.
In school, we need to provide rehearsal stages such as chalkboards for young artists to test their ideas and to feel comfortable with being an artist who makes constant changes.
A group lesson can take place in a studio with one or more pianos, in a piano lab or in a studio with a combination of acoustic pianos and keyboards; equipment can range from chalkboards and flash cards to more sophisticated technology.
These days it's becoming more common to see retail framed art and wall decor departments filled with wooden or plaster shelves, pub mirrors (mirrors with coathooks), combination art and mirrors, shutter-box framed mirrors and chalkboards, pleated frames, French memo boards and a multitude of other "alternative" wall pieces.