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The Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint (308) is a latex topcoat that turns virtually any interior surface into a chalkboard.
Wyken Croft Primary School, has installed the large chalkboards and two benches as a tribute to Harry McCall, who died of leukaemia, aged seven.
98, below left, and a chalkboard wall sticker, right
Items for sale include desks, chairs, pianos, file cabinets, bookcases, wood cabinets and chalkboards, as well as building components such as lights, plumbing fixtures, flooring, wood paneling and much more.
We use a variety of laptop chalkboards to accompany us on outdoor trips and classroom adventures.
The room was filled to capacity; seventy-five enthusiastic teachers, representing twenty-three states, were seated in semicircular fashion around three studio scenarios; three vertical, acoustic pianos and a chalkboard, a computer and screen set for transparencies and Power Point presentations, and a T-shaped digital keyboard lab.
These days it's becoming more common to see retail framed art and wall decor departments filled with wooden or plaster shelves, pub mirrors (mirrors with coathooks), combination art and mirrors, shutter-box framed mirrors and chalkboards, pleated frames, French memo boards and a multitude of other "alternative" wall pieces.
Check the yellow pages for Chalkboards or School Supplies.
IDT designs, manufactures and markets custom-designed writing and projection surfaces, chalkboards and marker boards, custom cabinetry and partitions for education and health care facilities, offices and laboratories and exterior architectural building panels.
The American Society for Industrial Development reports that government and companies are enforcing information sensitivity policies, stating "sensitive materials must be removed from conference rooms and chalkboards, and whiteboards must be) erased after meetings.
Once upon a time, a coach was expected to know how to draw neat squiggles on chalkboards, know when to call a water break and know the right moment to pull out his version of the Gipper speech.
Several puppets are mounted on steel poles with chalkboards attached to their handles, as though to teach lessons about truth through illusion.
In essence, we're trading traditional chalkboards for multi-media technologies capable of limitless educational functionalities.