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For example, they're still hand-entering payroll," said Sue Hildick, president of the nonprofit Chalkboard Project, an independent, foundation-backed organization intent on improving Oregon schools.
Readi-write is an all-purpose self-adhesive writing surface that comes in memo board and chalkboard finishes, allowing you to write, wipe and peel away in any area or on any surface of the home.
The Bank of the West grant will allow Chalkboard to conduct more trainings in 2008 for school staff and parents on how to use the Running Start materials, and to update the materials and translate them into Russian.
It debuted in June 2006, spearheaded by the Chalkboard Project in partnership with the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators, Citizens for Oregon's Future, Oregon School Boards Association, Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Education Association.
Among the book's categories: Goals and Commitment, Practice and Preparation, Chalkboard Quotes, Game Day, The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat, Teamwork, Adversity, and Leadership.
As board members of the Chalkboard Project, we strongly believe that this historic and record-level public school budget should be accompanied by historic and record-level accountability.
INGLEWOOD - Doug O'Neill won't need a chalkboard to draw up the game plan for Sky Jack before Sunday's Hollywood Gold Cup.
BASCOM's Internet Communications Server (ICS), featuring the Global Chalkboard, provides a powerful instructional resource that helps educators build more dynamic lessons that fully engage today's students.
When the Chalkboard Project began in 2004, it seemed destined to become just another pro-education advocacy group.
to watch World Cup games on video or to go over plays on the chalkboard.
These tools also streamline the teaching process and reduce lag time since students are not called to the front of the class to work out problems on the chalkboard in front of their peers.
If the Chalkboard Project had its way, things would look very different at Eugene's Meadowlark Elementary School.
Fatone wrote ``pop'' on the chalkboard, and then put the word ``dirty'' in front of it.