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a chalked string used in the building trades to make a straight line on a vertical surface

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Run the blocks along the chalk line that you snapped in Step 2.
You'll use this measurement to position the starting chalk line.
Even little hands can hold the other end of a tape measure, unwind the extension cord, snap the chalk line, or refill Dad's coffee.
Lewis-Francis admits that racing with the backdrop of the Tyne and Millennium Bridges on a specially-made track will bring back memories of "drawing a chalk line on the pavement as a kid and racing around my estate".
Keep ants away from your kitchen by drawing a chalk line - the pesky critters won't cross it.
I painted this shirt using chalk line powder, and put a cloth lining into the upper inside of the shirt using an old flower print pillowcase.
That was until cops raided the Prince of Wales pub in Moseley, Birmingham, and watched while drinkers walked along a chalk line to prove they were sober.
Guidelines and grids are created using a carpenter's chalk line.
The logical focus then becomes how authors use forensic science in their novels, providing students with a chalk line that directly connects the two courses.
Remove the V-pack and eyeball the plenum box seal There should be a complete chalk line around the seal from contact with the V-pack bead.
After everything is cut to size and smooth we take a chalk line to the center of the legs and proceed with drilling the holes.
Have your assistant set the 2-by-4 along a chalk line and stand on it or hold it in place.
The back face of the screen is stapled to the fascia with the bottom bend following a chalk line and the front face left unattached.
A chalk line, inscribed by police on the sidewalk, dissolves in rain puddles, a faint sketch in the shape of a body on the asphalt.
Practice clock-stopping plays: (a) passes where each receiver is either on a sideline or deep down the middle, (b) runs on which the ball-carrier gets to his sideline before starting to make yards down the chalk line, (c) passes on which every receiver is in the end zone.