chalk dust

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dust resulting from writing with a piece of chalk

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La III parte, Chalk Dust, si siguiera la linea vital de una existencia, seria el cenit, la epoca de la madurez profesional, atada de suyo a la identidad de la persona.
How did the presence or absence of chalk dust affect what happened inside the jars?
ughed in when realised Hopkins going in Then there's involuntary acid reflux which, as anyone who's ever eaten pink chalk dust will tell you, leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Visual Canvas, Chalkboard Riot'' has incredible art, all done with chalk, chalk dust.
this with its airport exhaust and chalk dust, both of us tired, both of
The city's planning commission released an image of the banner, which has a likeness of James, his arms outstretched and wearing a jersey that says ''Cleveland'' on the back, beneath a cloud of chalk dust, which he tossed into the air as part of his pregame ritual when he previously played for the Cavs.
She shuffled around in the chalk dust on the chalk tray and then marched carefully and precisely across the chalkboard.
Uneasy Chu sits in silence until a cloud of chalk dust forces him to share his own special ability.
It came to his rescue two games later as Djokovic forced two break points, the Serbian yelling at the chalk dust in frustration.
Chalk dust, Sellotape, thread, bath bombs, and nail polish, all in pastel shades, will complete the palette.
For years, they seemed to manage perfectly well with chalk dust.
When the chalk dust settled and my adrenaline buzz subsided, I got to wondering about the feat of heating, cooling and ventilating a space with 60-plus-foot ceilings.
The smell of oiled wooden floors and the strangely nostalgic aroma of blackboards with their chalk dust and erasers were school smells in the thirties.
Then scarper home, with a bulk-load of chalk dust, assuming they've hit paydirt, with a lifetime's supply of Grade A cocaine.