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a bowl-shaped drinking vessel


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Silver Chalice and 120 Sports announced plans to combine forces as equity partners on a new multi-platform sports network, featuring a linear broadcast and comprehensive digital offerings.
Because of the role such items had at the time of Consecration, the chalices and patens deserved a very particular attention, namely with their consecration by the Bishop, the replacement of old lead or tin items for new silver ones, or the purchase of heavier and more elaborate silver chalices for a festive use.
The work falls in to several recognisable categories: (1) chalices (2) functional ware (3) vessels with embellishments and (4) notable figurines.
The burglar sneaked into Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin March 2 and ignored valuable gold chalices and candlesticks, choosing instead to take the preserved heart of Laurence O'Toole, the city's 12th-century patron saint.
Plate used in Catholic rites, reliquaries, censers, chalices, incense boats and sanctuary lamps were still commissioned, but until the Catholic Relief Act of 1791 and the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829, could be used only discreetly because of the fear of the consequences of being discovered.
Police received a call from a Middle Street resident that a woman was drinking out of one of the chalices in her yard, Lt.
One priest in a rural north Galway parish said that while he often has three parishioners helping with communion and wine, at some masses he has to finish the wine left over in the chalices as well as what is in his own chalice before they go back in the tabernacle.
On such matters as cleansing of chalices and Communion cups, they roll their eyes.
Thoroughly inspired by Beato's work, the youngsters were ready to create their own ceramic chalices.
On December 5, after priests objected to the activities of a local gang, a mob desecrated the Eucharist before setting fire to pages of the Bible, wrecking the church furniture and stealing chalices at the Jalalkhali Catholic Church in West Bengal.
With past fund raisers, we designated moneys for specific projects, such as purchasing additional chalices for eucharistic ministers to distribute hosts.
Andrew's was put on evacuation notice, parishioners were able to remove valuables from the church building: vestments, chalices, even a baby grand piano and baroque organ.
Darling joked: "Maybe two poison chalices are better than one.
Four other chalices, three ciboria, two silver candlesticks and three pattens were also taken in the weekend raid.
Embedded into one long wavering wall is a slender glass case which, supported on 101 spidery steel legs, holds manuscripts, chalices and small artefacts.