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Synonyms for chalice

a bowl-shaped drinking vessel


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As Golden Chalice recently re-analyzed airborne electromagnetic survey data and detected the presence of 20 clusters of geophysical anomalies, officials have high hopes that they may potentially reproduce some of the same style of deposits.
The chalices held their shape well while the students embellished their vessels.
The chalice has been lost because of Freimunster's apostasy.
An investigation performed by Page in 1925 included testing the rim of the communion chalice and the purificator used to clean it (7).
Silver Chalice works with sports, media and entertainment partners to design, build, operate, and monetize profitable, high growth digital businesses.
The overall programming offering will take advantage of the professional and collegiate rights enjoyed by 120 Sports and Silver Chalice to maximize access to a broad array of post-game highlights, up-to-the-moment news, and original, long-form programming as well as full game archives provided by various partners.
Believers claim the Last Supper chalice was brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea and given to monks for safekeeping years after the crucifixion.
The chalice was administered by Helen Woods and the organist was Jean Chadwick.
It was used by Shakespeare in Macbeth, in which the title character murders the king while giving him hospitality (the chalice being a drinking cup).
Chalice Gold Mines (ASX: CHN; TSX: CXN), an exploration and development company, has signed a conditional short-form agreement to sell its remaining 60 percent share in the Zara Project in Eritrea, to China SFECO Group, a subsidiary of Shanghai Construction Group Co.
In a meeting with the Archdeacon of Dudley, Fred Trethewey, in January 2005, shortly after he took up his post, the hearing was told that Rev Sharpe said: "Thanks very much, you have given me a poisoned chalice.
As his distressed mother sits by his bedside engaged in a one way conversation with the unresponsive Spencer, Chalice and Brown (agents of death who are invisible to his distraught mum) enter the room to collect the life of the teenager.
It's a poisoned chalice anyway - it's a terrible job.
The alcohol would eliminate risk of contagion; the chalice is also rotated and wiped repeatedly during communion.