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any of various tiny insects whose larvae are parasites on eggs and larvae of other insects

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were from 17th February to 12th March, had one peak occurred from 23 rd February to 3rd March, with 26 sawflies cocoons were parasitized by this chalcid on 26th February
Chalcids from Madeira, Canary Islands and Azores (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea).
Chalcid wasps (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) associated with fruit of Ficus microcarpa in Hawai'i.
Distribution of the rose seed chalcid Megastigmus aculeatus var.
The rose seed chalcid Megastigmus aculeatus Swederus (Hymenoptera: Torymidae) on Island tussock Country.
61 Supplementary Accessions to the Core Subset Collection G 31276 2 1 2 PI 234670 1 3 3 PI 234811 3 1 3 ([dagger]) Descriptors: Leaf, size of center leaflet (length X width); Pod, weight of an individual dried umbel of pods; Chalcid, number of seed chalcids per umbel; Tannin, herbage tannin content; Flower, flowering pattern for five sampling times; Early flowering, percentage of clones that had flowered on 7 May; FRI, flowering response index; RADP, random amplified polymorphic DNA; and SGPP, high salt-seed globulin polypeptides.
The associations for the multistate descriptors with early flowering, tannin, pod, chalcid, leaf, and FRI were also determined.
seed chalcid number and herbage tannin content, Table 2) and summaries of the multistate character descriptors (FRI, Table 2; SGPP, Table 3; RAPD, Table 4; flowering intensity rating pattern, Fig.
These accessions were also among the lowest for herbage tannin content, pod weight, leaf size, and seed chalcid infestation for all pools (Table 6).
The illustrated key is also the basis for a new interactive expert system called Chalcid Corner.
Chalcid Corner should fill that need because it is geared to nonexpert audiences--like farmers, home gardeners, and others not knowledgeable about insect taxonomy.
Available electronically on the Internet by the end of 1995, the updated version of Chalcid Corner will have a voice component that warns users to "be careful," if they are making an error in their search.
The chalcids were allowed to forage and oviposit until their death.
The chalcid has brown-black eyes and 8-segmented antennae.
Chalcid females, when unable to reach the host with their ovipositors, dug as deep as 5 cm into wheat flour to find host pupae.