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Furthest to the north, the PSQ showing is located on the east side (down dropped side) of the Black Fault at 1,500 to 1,600 metres and is exposed over an area of 300 metres by 700 metres and consists of high-level chalcedonic quartz veins with anomalous silver values.
A secondary cap of chalcedonic silica covers the entire mega-breccia body.
The veining is typically narrow producing an irregular web-like network of chalcedonic and vuggy epithermal style quartz veining.
Here silicification occurs as a broad zone of silica flooding that is cored by a central zone of chalcedonic silica stockwork with an overall northeast trend.
Mapping and sampling has recently identified epithermal chalcedonic quartz in a parallel zone 150m to the west within the adjacent conglomerate
1) Drill hole 88-11, drilled in 1988, which intersected 4 metres of altered and weakly chalcedonic veined ultramafic grading 46.
Referred to as the Guabisay prospect, this prospect consists of a shallowly dipping, 3 to 10 m wide band of argillic alteration enclosing a core of chalcedonic silica and brecciation.
The anomalies occur close to a complex sequence of chalcedonic tuffs and phreatic breccias with sinter clasts associated with Tertiary felsic volcanic centres along a 15-kilom-long structural trend.
The mineralization was characterized by (i) pervasive drusy quartz fracture coatings and fillings with abundant fine veinlets of chalcedonic and crystalline quartz and (ii) anomalous values in Ag, As, Sb and Hg; all indicative of epithermal gold mineralization.
At the Los Compadres area, located 15 kilometers south of the Hilltop area, numerous pieces of angular chalcedonic float were observed 200metres to 300metre southwest of an outcrop exposure of bluish-banded chalcedonic veining/breccia mineralization.
The areas tested to date display typical characteristics of the distal portion of a zoned porphyry with extensive pyrite, low grade copper and gold over the central portion and higher silver, lead and zinc values associated with jasper and chalcedonic breccias in the extreme east and west," said Peter Akerley, President and Chief Executive Officer.
Grey white-spotted flint has a lower fracture toughness because it contains abundant small chalcedonic inclusions and scattered calcite crystals (FIGURES 5A & 5B).
The Liberty Vein exposed at surface is unmineralized but contains fragments of banded chalcedonic vein, similar to the YellowJacket veins, suggesting productive zones at depth.
The Colorado drill program revealed that there were carbonatites and chalcedonic quartz zones which contained Rare Earth Elements (REEs).
From chalcedonic chert to quartz chert: diagenesis of chert hosted in a Miocene volcanic-sedimentary succession, central Japan.